Jordan Chalk is a family business that was established in 2002. It is specialized in providing and manufacturing high quality products through using unique raw materials comprised of calcium carbonate found in huge quantities across Jordan. This has enabled us to export 98% of our product to over 100 countries, of which are numerous well-known brands.  

Being worldwide pioneers in producing different kinds and shapes of chalk,crayon and modeling clay, Jordan Chalk is recognized and distinguished among its competitors for providing:

•Private label services; as we promote a complete convenient and affordable turnkey private label solutions.

• Unique product; where we supply our clients with unique customized products in the global market

• High Quality products; since all our products go through the highest standards of quality control.

• Competitive prices; in our ongoing goal to meet our clients’ and market needs  in terms of cost, we keep abreast with who our competitors are in the market and what they offer so we can meet demands.  

• Delivery time; with the expansion of our Company and services throughout the world, we make sure to maintain on time delivery to meet our clients’ satisfaction.

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